October 28, 2020  

I hope everyone is healthy and working through the “stay at home” orders from the politicians.  I am anxious to get back to normal activity.  I have completed my backlog of orders and done several refinishes on other knives during the time. I have spent the isolation time making new blades.   I was not able to make many knives in 2019 due to health issues.  Please review the “available knives” page.  Thanks for viewing my website.  If you would like a custom knife, now is a good time to contact me and get it on order.  I should be able to complete a custom in 5-6 months and customs have preference over inventory blades.  I will try to accommodate your timeline.  Please email or give me a call. ron@rosenbaughknives.com or 815-345-1633. Thanks!


Welcome to RosenbaughKnives.com!  

I am Ron Rosenbaugh, the creator of the handmade custom knives that you will see on these pages.  I have been a hunter (with a passion for bow hunting) and a fisherman for over 60 years.  I grew up in New Mexico and hunted the Rocky Mountains West and the West Coast states.

I now live in Illinois and enjoy hunting Midwest whitetail deer, turkey, and other game.   In my hunting career, I have developed some firm preferences and opinions on what makes a great hunting knife.  I had also sketched some of my ideas on my ideal hunting knife and several years ago met a custom knife maker who was generous with his time and advice in helping me achieve my dream – to make my custom knives. He also inspired me to help others make their dream knife also become a reality.  As my skills have developed over the years, and in addition to my hunting knives, I have started making some tactical knives and Japanese cord wrapped style blades.  It is a lot of fun being able to conceptualize a blade, design it, and put it into steel.  The options are almost limitless.

My greatest satisfaction is tinkering with my ideas and also working with a customer to make a fully custom knife from the materials that the customer desires, converting his dream into reality.  Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your dream knife.

I also have some inventory, which can be viewed in the Available Knives section of the site.  There is also a Gallery of knives already sold.  If you are interested in one of those knives, or a modification of one for a custom knife, send me an email using the Contact Us page.

Please stop and visit with me at the knife shows I will display at in 2019.
Annual Badger Knife Show
March 27-29, 2020 Holiday Inn Express & Janesville Conference Center. Janesville, WI