4 1/2″ CPM3V DP Hunter with sheep horn spacer and Elk Antler scales #1212

This is a 4 1/2 inch CPM3V high alloy carbon steel drop point hunter with a hollow grind and mirror finish.  It is 9 inches overall length, 1 1/8 inch wide, 5/32 inches thick.  The knife has a 416 stainless guard, corby rivets, and thong tube.  It has a Dall sheep horn spacer with brass pins and Elk antler scales.  The tapered tang and ricasso are fileworked in a vine pattern.  The pouch sheath is dyed tan and has no adornments.  Knife 1212    Price:  SOLD

4 1/2″ Damascus frontier hunter with stabilized Redwood burl, rawhide sheath #1205

This is a 4 1/2 inch full tang Frontier style hunter in random pattern damascus steel.  It is 9 inches overall, 1 9/16 inch wide at the ricasso, 5/32 inches thick.  It is a flat grind and has stabilized Redwood burl handle scales with brass pins and black fiber liners.  The pouch sheath is a custom frontier style with caribou rawhide covering cowhide, sinew sewn and with brass tacks.  The sheath is decorated with deerskin thongs, beads, tin cones with horse hair, and bone tubes.  It has an ivory concho as well.  Knife 1205   Price: SOLD

4 1/2″ mirror finish CPMS60V flat grind hunter with desert ironwood, turquoise spacer, mosaic pins. # 1206

This is a 4 1/2 inch flat grind CPM S60V stainless steel drop point hunter with a mirror finish.  It is 1 5/16 inches wide, 5/32 inches thick, and 9 inches in overall length.  The bolsters are desert ironwood with two 1/8 inch mosaic pins.  It has red fiber spacers and a turquoise spacer.  The exhibition grade desert ironwood handle scales have two 3/16 inch mosaic pins and a s/s thong tube.  The knife is fully fileworked on the choil and tang in a vine pattern.  The leather pouch sheath is dyed tan and has full basket weave coverage.         Knife 1206  Price SOLD

4″ CPMS30V mirror finish Kozuka Tanto with purple cord wrap, Turks Head Knot, White Kydex sheath #1207

This  4 inch knife is a mirror finish double grind CPM S30V in a Kozuka Tanto style.  It is 1 inch wide, 1/8 inch thick, and 8 3/8 inches overall length.  It has a black Turk’s Head knot and purple Japanese nylon cord wrap over black sting ray skin.  The sheath is white kydex with black rivets and a black Tek-Lok belt clip that can be worn horizontally or vertically.  Knife 1207  Price: $275

4″ CPMS30V Kozuka Tanto with red rayskin, nylon wrap and custom bead #1210

This is a 4 inch CPM S30V Kozuka Tanto style knife, double hollow ground with a DLC coating on the blade, 1/8 inch thick, 1 inch wide, 8 1/8 inches overall.  It has a red stingray skin base with black nylon Japanese wrap and a Turk’s head knot.  It also has a custom made ceramic bead bobb.  The sheath is black kydex with a Tek-Lok belt clip for horizontal or vertical carry.  Knife 1210  Price: $260


3 1/4″ damascus finger choil pack knife with Pink Ivory wood, mosaic pins. #1209

This is an Alabama Damascus Twist pattern 3 1/4 inch finger choil pack knife.  It is 7 inches overall, 1/8 inch thick, 1 inch wide.  It has full scale Pink Ivory wood handles with mosaic pins and a stainless steel thong tube.  The tan dyed pouch sheath has full basket weave stamping coverage.  Knife 1209  Price: SOLD

4 1/2″ random pattern Damascus hunter with Stab. spaulted Maple Burl handle, rawhide sheath #1202

This is a 4 1/2 inch Frontier hunter in random pattern Alabama Damascus steel, 9 1/8 inches overall with a partial tang, 1 1/2 inches wide, 5/32 inches thick.  The handle is a block of stabilized spaulted maple burl with stainless pins, a stainless thong tube, and a hemp twine bolster that has been resined and waxed.  The sheath is a caribou rawhide pouch covering a cowhide leather base, copper rivets and sinew sewing.  It is also dyed and rubbed to give it an aged appearance.  This is a perfect set for the frontier or pioneer re-enactor.   Knife 1202    Price:  $400

2 3/4″ S35VN EDC with red micarta spacer, Mammoth ivory, mosaic pins. #1211

This is a 2 3/4 inch CPM S35VN Every Day Carry drop point knife, 6 1/4 inches overall, 1 inch wide, 0.140 inches thick.  It has a mirror finish hollow grind and mill finish matte flats on the partial tang blade.  The guard is 416 stainless with a red linen micarta spacer and full scale mammoth ivory handle scales, mortise tang, with two 1/8 inch mosaic pins.  The sheath is a black kydex sheath with a small Tek-Lok belt clip which can be set up for horizontal or vertical carry.       Knife 1211   Price:  SOLD