I purchased a custom knife from Ron. It is a beautiful 4″ drop point, well balanced with an exceptional edge.  I used my knife, actually for the first time, to field dress a moose.  The knife was easy to control and held its edge throughout the process.  I let my hunting partner use it to help with the caping.  He was amazed that a knife this beautiful was also an excellent working tool.  By the way, it is easy to sharpen especially when comparing it to my old Buck knife.  I would recommend one of Ron’s knives to any serious hunter.  He offers a wide variety of blades and materials for the handles, the options are almost unlimited.

Bill Wernsman

I am an avid outdoorsman and have hunted many different states. One of my biggest hang ups is a sharp knife when field dressing any animal. To me it is as important as the well designed kill shot on any animal. Two years ago I was fortunate to find Ron and was very pleased to have him build me a conventional Deer knife with a gut hook.

I have many knifes, but the balance and control on the RR knife exceeded my expectation. I think any beautiful firearm should be further complimented with a beautiful hunting knife.
Recently on a trip in Northern Utah we came across a hunter who had downed a very large mule deer. In the course of cleaning he broke the blade of his knife when it fell off a rock ledge. I gladly let him use my RR knife. He had never used a knife like mine before and not only was amazed at its beauty, but the edge and easy by which he cleaned his animal.
Thanks Ron, for not only making me look good in the field, but building a knife that has expert worksmanship and is a knife I will pass down to my son.

D.W. Pettigrew
South Jordan, UT

Ron made a knife personally for me. I described what and how I would like it made and he designed it to my exact specifications. It is a perfect fit and is well balanced. The sheath is also designed beautifully with both a turkey and a deer design imbedded on it.
The knife is not only gorgeous, it is useful. I have taken it turkey and deer hunting for years and it still looks like new. I have used it for skinning and the gut hook works perfect.

Louis Foglesong
Watseka, IL

The Custom knife maker is the one you turn to for quality and unique materials. The big box knife companies never did and never will give you the custom and personal touch. Mr. Rosenbaugh is a fine example of the handmade custom American knife maker. His knives are of great quality, fit, and finish. I look forward to my next purchase from Ron as his knives are sure WORTH THE MONEY.

Hanover Park, IL

I have bought 5 of Ron’s knives and all were well balanced and extremely sharp. Some were given as gifts and others I kept. This coming year I will be purchasing more for gifts and also be adding to my collection of fine knives and work knives.
All of Ron’s knives are real work horses and whether you collect knives or use them you can`t go wrong with these knives, they are well worth the money.