March 27, 2023

Thanks for viewing my webpages on Rosenbaugh Custom Knives.  I have not had a lot of time to work on blades but am now back in the shop and am working on several orders and some inventory knives.  Please review the “available knives” page if you need an immediate delivery.  Otherwise, several new knives will be made over the next few months for inventory.  If you would like a custom knife, now is a good time to contact me and get it on order.  I should be able to complete a custom in 5-6 months and customs have preference over inventory blades.  I will try to accommodate your timeline.  Please email or give me a call. ron@rosenbaugh.com or 815-345-1633.

I am Ron Rosenbaugh, the creator of the handmade custom knives that you will see on these pages.  I have been a hunter (with a passion for bow hunting) and a fisherman for over 60 years.  I grew up in New Mexico and hunted the Rocky Mountains West and the West Coast states.

I now live in Illinois and enjoy hunting Midwest whitetail deer, turkey, and other game.   In my hunting career, I have developed some firm preferences and opinions on what makes a great hunting knife.  I had also sketched some of my ideas on my ideal hunting knife and several years ago met a custom knife maker who was generous with his time and advice in helping me achieve my dream – to make my custom knives. He also inspired me to help others make their dream knife also become a reality.  As my skills have developed over the years, and in addition to my hunting knives, I have started making some tactical knives and Japanese cord wrapped style blades.  It is a lot of fun being able to conceptualize a blade, design it, and put it into steel.  The options are almost limitless.

My greatest satisfaction is tinkering with my ideas and also working with a customer to make a fully custom knife from the materials that the customer desires, converting his dream into reality.  Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your dream knife.

I also have some inventory, which can be viewed in the Available Knives section of the site.  There is also a Gallery of knives already sold.  If you are interested in one of those knives, or a modification of one for a custom knife, send me an email using the Contact Us page.

Please stop and visit with me at the knife shows I will display at in 2023.
Annual Badger Knife Show March 22-24, 2024Holiday Inn Express & Janesville Conference Center. Janesville, WI