The majority of my knives are made by the Stock Removal method with some knives being Forge made.  I make knives from several different stainless steels and carbon steels, tailored to the customer desire, use, and style of the knife.  I also utilize handle materials in a wide range of synthetic and natural materials including exotic woods, ivory, etc.  See below for the materials available.

Blade Steels:

Stainless steels: 440C, ATS34, CPM 154, CPMS30V, CPMS60V

High alloy carbon steels: CPM3V, CPM-M4, O1, W2, A2

Carbon steels: 1080, 1084, 1095, 5160, 52100

Handle materials:

Synthetic: Micarta, G10, G11 in all colors

Natural materials: exotic hardwoods, stabilized woods, composite woods (dymondwood), ivory, bone, antler, horn materials.

Each knife comes with a handmade sheath, either veg tanned leather (in several styles) or kydex synthetic.  Sheaths can be in various colors and I frequently use exotic leathers (shark, lizard, ostrich, snake, etc.) as overlays or panels in leather sheaths.  Check the knife pictures for the various types of sheaths made.  I also can customize sheaths with initials or do a special design or carving on leather ones.